Canoe Tripping Clinic

Canoe Tripping Clinic

CANOE TRIPPING CLINIC -- A preparation course for northern river paddlers. This 2 day weekend focuses on outfitting, rigging, safety and rescues, gear selection, and whitewater manoeuvers specific to multi-day northern river trips.

Practice sessions will include swimming with and rescuing a fully loaded canoe, big water paddling and paddling manoeuvers.

This course is for experienced paddlers and is more about the big picture than specific stroke development. Less experienced paddlers should consider the Whitewater Canoe Clinic. The course is run by Black Feather guides in co-operation with Madawaska Kanu Centre, at MKC.

Recommended Skill Level And Dates

Skill Level:
2019 - 2 Days, + 1 Evening
Dates Trip Fee
May 31 to Jun 02


Trip Departure

Barry's Bay, Ontario