I live in Chelsea, Quebec, but I’ve grown up on the rivers – It’s the moments spent on the water with the paddling community that have shaped me the most. Since 2017, I have had the privilege of helping others to find that river magic for themselves through Black Feather. The Gatineau Park was the first patch of wilderness to catch my attention, and I’m now motivated by helping others to develop their own passion for the great outdoors.

When I’m not guiding, I’m either teaching whitewater canoeing skills courses, playing on steeper rivers, or occasionally at a desk, studying Social Communications in Ottawa. However, you’re more likely to find me roadtripping from one adventure to another, in my hatchback named Hank!

Be it a tripping canoe, a slalom racing canoe, a playboat, or a “steep creeker”, in a canoe is my favourite place to be.

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