Salut, je m’appelle Pascal! As I grew up canoe-camping with my parents and in summer camps, my love for both paddling and nature have ended up playing a big part in my life. In 2017, I paddled from Québec City to the Winnipeg River and back to Ottawa in one season, paddling for a total five and a half months, three of which were solo. I’m thankful to have had been able to enjoy wonderful rivers, amazing lakes and relive in a certain way what the voyageurs did. Among all the breath taking places, Lake Superior has a special place in my heart with it’s immense power, passive beauty and endless sunsets. I live to go back out on expedition, discover new places and catch up with old ones. While I wait to wrap my hands around a paddle, I study biology in university. I’m incredibly excited to guide for Black Feather and to create new memories with you!

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