Hi! I’m Candice and I have had the privilege and enjoyed guiding Black Feather trips since 2011.  My guiding career has taken me to many places across Ontario, Quebec, Labrador, Arctic Canada and Greenland, the latter two places of which I am extremely excited and passionate about.  Doing both research and guiding (hiking and paddling) in remote northern regions has offered me stunning wildlife viewing opportunities, the ability to view climate change first hand and the enjoyment 24-hours of daylight can bring!  Some of my best Black Feather moments have been spent trying to find the words to describe the sheer beauty and magnitude of these places which most often defy words.  What I love most about guiding is sharing these moments, vistas, histories, geographical significance, stories and laughs with the people who come on trip.  My “pay-the-bills” job is teaching science, physical geography and outdoor education to high school students within the public system; my hope is that I am nurturing a love and passion within our young adults for the environment and Canada’s remote, rugged and wild places.  My personal interests involve the outdoors and protecting our wild places.  Beyond the great outdoors, I also enjoy reading, cooking, my puppy (an Inuit Sled dog), running and cycling.

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