Booking Terms & Conditions (“T&C’s”)

Prior to registering for a trip, please ensure each participant for whom you will be submitting payment (yourself included!) has reviewed the following:


Payment, Taxes, Additional Costs

Once you have reviewed our safety and awareness page and our waiver, we will ask you to submit basic information about yourself and anyone joining you on the trip in order to ensure you are eligible to join. We then ask for a deposit – 25% for trips in Canada, 50% for trips outside of Canada – or full payment of the trip fee, depending on how close we are to your trip’s start date. Full payment is requested when booking 90 days or less prior to a confirmed trip departure. We accept the following forms of payment towards a trip:

  • Cheque – details can be found in our terms and conditions (“T&C’s”) document below
  • AMEX, Visa or MasterCard – submit online or by phone to 1-888-849-7668 (toll free in North America) or +1-705-746-1372 (international)
  • Bank transfer (for non-Canadian participants only) – contact our office for details

Trip fees listed on this website and in our literature are per person and subject to local tax. Our expeditions taking place in Nahanni or Nááts’ihch’oh National Park Reserves exclude a Park Fee and Levee. This amount includes tax and will be added to your remaining balance, due 90 days before your trip’s start date.

Prior to registration, you should also review your trip’s Trip Package, which contains a detailed list of exclusions and inclusions of our trip fees – usually on page 2 & 3. Once your trip departure is confirmed, there will be the opportunity to purchase additional items and services such as rental equipment and extra accommodation in the local community/communities where your adventure will take place.


Cancellation Policy

If you register for a trip and subsequently cancel, please refer to our full Terms and Conditions (“T&C’s”) document in the link below. Cancellation terms will differ based on whether or not your trip departure is “tentative” or “confirmed”.

Due to the ongoing uncertainties connected to traveling to many of our destinations, we may reassess our policies to ensure you can book a trip with us and be confident in your decision to do so. You can view our full “T&C’s” for our trips by clicking here 

In the case of rental equipment and outfitting contracts, we have different terms and conditions which are often negotiated on a case-by-case basis. They are presented to groups prior to payment being made.