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We have been planning the wilderness adventure of your dreams since 1971.
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Nahanni,Nahanni River,Nahanni National Park,Nahanni Park, Nahanni River trips, Nahanni Outfitters, Nahanni National Park Reserve
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Nahanni River
Canoe & Hike Trips

The untamed Nahanni River lies in northern Canadaís Northwest Territories. The stunning scenery, including Virginia Falls (twice the height of Niagara Falls) and world class paddling, make it an adventure of a lifetime.

For over 40 years, Black Feather has run guided, outfitted canoe trips on the legendary Nahanni River. Black Feather provides highly experienced and trained guides who bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to each trip. Top quality expedition gear is field-tested for our rigorous demands. The food is delicious and nutritious.

There are various trip options that match different skill levels and interests. Trips range from 10 days to 3 weeks. Our most popular is the 2 week Nahanni Classic. Black Feather also offers trips that accommodate families and their children. Our Womenís Nahanni is designed for women, and guided by great women guides. We also can work together to prepare a customized trip to suit your group of friends or family.

A Nahanni trip provides you with the opportunity to trade daily traffic rush hour for the natural flow of the Nahanni River; concrete sky-scrapers for the towering mountains of the Cirque of the Unclimbables; running errands for running whitewater; and the urban jungle for the majestic mountains and mysterious forests of Nahanni National Park. Come experience your wildest dreams.

Reserve your trip now and take advantage of savings and discounts for bookings made in advance. Join us for your adventure of a lifetime!

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Black Feather is the licensed operator of all expeditions described in this web site. You can be confident that you are dealing directly with the trip operator and not a reseller and/or an unlicensed or illegal operator.

Black Feather is licensed by the Government of the Northwest Territories and the Nahanni National Park Reserve - Parks Canada. Black Featherís guides are licensed by the Nahanni National Park.


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Whitewater Canoe Clinic – A 2 day clinic at Palmer Rapids concentrating on paddling skills and whitewater safety.

Canoe Tripping Clinic – A weekend preparation course for northern river paddlers.

Starter Trips – Gain experience on a shorter river trip.

Camp Cooking Cover

Camp Cooking - The Black Feather Guide by Wendy Grater (Black Feather Director) & Mark Scriver (Senior guide). Read More...

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